Factorio Show Grid Factorio Show GridCreates world preset with only tutorial grid tile in it. In addition, a Grid can be used as a parent layout that contains other child layouts. Using grids in Word you can easily locate and enter data within individual cells in business documents. 1: Increased inventory size of cargo wagon from 15 to 20 stacks. To build a railway in Factorio, first you must lay down your track. The best thing to do when struggling with a layout is to get. This is equivalent to your sample: . Create a radial grid (alternative method) This is an alternative method to create a radial grid. Press f4, find where it says "show tile grid" (roughly) and check the box. Valheim Can we get a shortcut to show grid without pausing the game? I know at least there was an option to show it in debug mode …. With the default "minimum pipe length" setting, the calculator will display a value of "[pipe] × 7 ≤ 47. col { width: 32%; } If you go the flexbox route, you also now have the ability to change the order of columns as needed, which can be great for keeping more important content higher in the source as well as responsive design reshuffling. These tips are great for new players to get a better foothold in their early game and get a better experience sooner, and it's great for the seasoned player to spot a few tricks to add to. Mod databases, calculators, cheatsheets, multiplayer, scripts, libs and other useful stuff that is not strictly in-game mods. So it started as a mash-up of ideas for making cars smarter by installing sensors in its equipment grid. Atomic bombs are very expensive alternative ammunition for the rocket launcher and the spidertron. This specification details how alignment should work in all the different layout methods. To see the grid on your screen, under Grid settings, check the Display. The charger could just be a building that takes the depleted ones and consumes some amount of power over a set time to "recharge" them, then produces a charged pack. The time T it will take to research a particular technology is given by:. The satisfaction value can be read on the same power pole via green wire. The Modules are: Straigt; Curve; T-Junction; Turn-Arround; Cross; Save-Railway-Crossing. 0: Train stop allows to set limit of incoming trains. Added support for equipment grids in locomotives. This is a compendium of the most common Factorio facts as of v1. 15 update Shift + r rotates in the opposite direction. Then in game you can toggle detailed info with Alt key. I use 3 or 4 sides of each grid box for trains entering and exiting. Once created they can be quickly selected at any time without needing to open the inventory. For more recent Excel versions, select the “Show” group on. Most senders are storage devices, and broadcast their information onto a specific channel, based on the item or liquid the storage device contains. In recent years, an increasing number of people have been leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city life to move to the countryside. My understanding is: - Only as much power as can be consumed will be generated, regardless of capacity. This makes it possible to add working transformers for high power transmission, and all new and interesting power distribution challenges. Such blueprints can be easily shared, stored, and managed using the blueprint library. However, I often end up picking up my armor instead of opening it and accidentally removing it. Chest may refer to: Wooden chest (Stores 16 stacks of items) Iron chest (Stores 32 stacks of items) Steel chest (Stores 48 stacks of items) Active provider chest (Stores 48 stacks of items. 0] Spidertron grid can't be accessed as expected like player grid. You should see a blue square appear to the bottom-right of your cursor, indicating Factorio is now in. Look Ma, No Media Queries! Responsive Layouts Using CSS Grid. More realistic power distribution has been requested from players. Search the tags for mining, smelting, and advanced production blueprints. 40 people found this reply helpful. CSS Grid has a learning curve, like anything else, but after a minute there is a certain clarity to it. Browse our free templates for grid designs you can easily customize and share. The game should launch with a big ol' Special K banner at the top. Fluids in train circuit logic treat summed < 1 fluid values as 1 instead of 0. You need to make sure that the grid is large enough so that when a train stops at an intersection, the carriages don't lock the intersection behind it. Multiple pages share the title or description of "Robots". By default, Matplotlib does not display gridlines on plots. Pick a tool on the left hand side in the menu: Tile: Arrange copies of the blueprint in a grid. Cannot Access Equipment Grid in Power Armor. Pressing Shift-Space will pause the game (and display a grid of the world tiles; you can turn that off in the interface settings) without closing whatever windows you have open like Esc does. Factorio Runtime Docs Version 1. The quickbar is a user interface component for creating shortcut links to items, blueprints, blueprint books, deconstruction planners and upgrade planners. Tip: Press J on the keyboard to cycle between Compact Cells, Expanded cells and the information …. idle grid is always on, powering essential logic and a steam pump from a single solar panel. It contains only a subset of what is available in the full game. Anyone know how to find it or why it's not listed in my character screen??. Going: Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow Addendum, Red Addendum and Blue Addendum. 1 Stats GUI Task List Factorio Standard Library Version Game Version Download Release Date Downloads ; 0. For the technology, see battery (research). Laser turrets are an advanced defense building with longer range than the gun turret, infinite ammo, good damage and use electricity to operate (and a smaller amount of energy when idle). Beyond that, it could include Offset, in the range ±3, to the nearest multiple of 7 chunk. Playing Factorio again for the first time in 2 years. (This option affects the scanner (see below) in a similar way) R signal rotates the blueprint. The grid-column CSS property is a shorthand that specifies the column grid lines where a grid item starts and ends in a grid layout in one declaration. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. The heat can be used in a heat exchanger to produce steam which can be used to generate power. CELLS - grid modules Prototype. Nothing in the game explained that I needed another item (modular armor) to use those goggles. The command is with /p o quite short though. In the window, go to the always tab and check the show grid box. Dsettimi Aug 12, 2022 @ 5:14pm. A mod can register a callback for a given event using the LuaBootstrap::on_event function. For small poles you will have a little gap where you can't put an inserter (but then at. I believe this comes from the armor being on the tool bar and left click is selection. The 1x1 tile is misleading- you have to CRAM your armor full of mini solar and batteries to get anything good out of them. How do I use the radar to look around the map? : r/factorio. grid (visible = None, which = 'major', axis = 'both', ** kwargs) [source] # Configure the grid lines. As automatic trains can only pass signals if they're on their right, a two-way stretch of track needs either opposing signals or no signals. the go kill stuff setup is 2 reactors, 2 batteries, night vision, 1 roboport. By using any of our free, ready-made templates, you’ll easily create an online photo grid that fits your branding and visual identity. Enforces 90° angles for auto-connections when electric poles are placed. It can be toggled on or off via a button in the shortcut bar. How to Understand Your National Grid Electric Rate. In-game, /editor can also be used to leave the map editor again. They are also used to create the upgraded version of itself, the …. You typically define layout behavior for a Grid in XAML by providing one or more RowDefinition elements as the value of Grid. DSP is a great successor, even more than Satisfactory. Awesome, thanks! Hi! I just released the first version of a mod to help set blueprint grid offsets:. How do I charge personal batteries? : r/factorio. Here are some tips for making your National Grid e. They include rule of thirds, golden section, single-column, multi-column, modular, baseline and responsive grid systems. It consists of 14 octagonal cells each containing 4 factorissimo mk3 buildings (well, for some reason one of them only has 3. Also adds in a customizable grid overlay, far zoom and an artillery wagon toggle shortcut. 428 MW of production (of solar panels) and 100MJ of storage to provide 1 MW of power …. Search 'View Grid' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. Solar panels are an unlimited source of free energy that produce no pollution. This video was made from a Krastorio run. Show tile grid below buildings instead of above. the rest stuffed with personal defense lasers. In addition, Tempest provides a lot of Vulnerability, deals excellent burst damage on large hitboxes, and provides a unique damage buff to its party through. But I need right mouse click to open my armor. This cmdlet is only available on the Windows platform. because the network with the most cells is my main base. Puppy's Jetpack UI Show Max Underground Distance Improved Research Queue Soundpack: Alerts and Sirens Updated for 1. The personal roboport allows the player to act as a mobile roboport when this item is placed in their equipped armor or the spidertron. Check your minimap while you're holding one, it'll show you the area of realtime view so you can find the right spacing. You can use the following features of the table to …. You can create your own Blueprints using the Blueprint tool, which you. each grid tile with a conveyor belt may have multiple flows, allowing for both joins and splits. Press F4 there is a check box to turn it on and off. Create layout grids with grids, columns, and rows. And over there is our interplanetary space-platform! Today we are going to talk about the expansion which is called Factorio: Space Age. 51]i was in my inventory then a black grid shoed up on the screen and i cant move Post by Bilka » Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:19 pm Press shift + space to unpause the game. How to Change Gridlines in Excel (4 Suitable Ways). Rows and columns will be implicitly generated; their size will be determined by the grid-auto-rows and grid-auto-columns properties. r/factorio on Reddit: What is a chunk and why should I be. Book: City Block: City Block: City Block Refined: City Block Solar: City Block Solar Refined:. We’ll use the grid-auto-columns property to set the size for the. Fixed] Excel Gridlines Not Showing by Default (3 Solutions). You can access it by selecting "Map editor" on the Factorio main menu, or by using the console command "/editor" in-game. 337K subscribers in the factorio community. Joined: Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:57 pm. When developing apps in Flutter, you may encounter the need to display a list of items as a grid. Inspiration: American innercity road design (e. Gridzzly Creates Printable Grid Paper with Customized Lines and Dots. Random tools to manipulate Factorio blueprint strings. I'm working on blueprints for a highly planned base and extensively using the snap-to-grid feature to take the guesswork out of aligning things. I know this post is old, but I had this problem today and I couldn't find the answer easily. This could be done by relying on the user to use their graphic card software to merge their displays, and then in the game allowing the space to be divided up into multiple windows - main game window, world …. You should avoid applying the display grid directly to the body element to avoid having unwanted element considered inside the grid. Car (fuel, ammunition, inventory) Tank (fuel, ammunition, inventory) Spidertron (ammunition, inventory) Train (wagons, engines for fuel) Chests: The archetypal example of stacks outside the player's inventory; a chest is basically just a group of stacks. Automatic Belt (and pipe) Planner —Automate yet another aspect of constructing your factory! MrHick. It does require an extra click to open, sadly, but it gives you the same behavior as when selecting signals in other native. The default behaviour is to show grid lines when alt mode is enabled, but grids can be set to be always disabled or enabled also. The roboport's internal energy buffer must be 20% full to allow construction robots to deploy. On the Nintendo Switch controls are set by pressing A and cleared by pressing Y. Set the enable condition on each inserter to be Everything (red star) < 0. You can already do that using the debug settings. The user data directory is where personal files are stored: Save files. Add toggleable grid and show Turret ranges. Toolbar Menu Shortcut ; Not on toolbars. Basic Scatterplot in Matplotlib. In this section you will find relevant information about each one. Then go to View › Show › Select Grid from the drop-down menu to overlay grid lines onto your image. Use the form below to send your comments and suggestions about this …. Temporary Editor-lite permissions in Lab-like environments for designing and experimenting. So as close to as vanilla as possible but with grids added to the items. You start with a predefined collection of 3D meshes (a MeshLibrary) that can be placed on a grid, as if you were building a level with an unlimited amount of Lego blocks. The Out-GridView cmdlet sends the output from a command to a grid view window where the output is displayed in an interactive table. Settings -> Interface -> Visualization -> Show grid when game is paused. Was this change intended? Relative snapping seems to be the much more comm…. How do you turn on the grid overlay? 55. I prefer to skip modular armor and go straight to power armor mk1. 5 of the other three resources, so 5x as long. See which components in your setup might be holding you back. While in pursuit of the fugitive, she witnesses an unbelievable phenomenon: the founder of the Grid - a ghost from. 0, this guide has a clean and concise checklist, and a …. Another trick to learning to work with grid is to give each frame you're trying to use in a grid a distinctive color so you can see where one frame ends and another begins. In order to launch a rocket, 100 rocket parts need to be crafted. Oooooh I see, the "Grid position" is an implicit "setting" that translates all the entities! So the "Grid position" is simply the negative of the x-y coordinates of the top-left entity or tile. A Quick Look at Types of Grids for Creating Professional Designs …. Basic concepts of grid layout. Kim Sae Ha, a Bureau employee, encounters a murderer. I'm thinking initially 1x1 tiles, …. It is capable of crafting most recipes, including its own recipe. Now press Factorissimo2's increase hotkey [default: Shift+R] to increase the power limit to the limit …. How Far Off the Grid Is the Kilcher Homestead?. The signals are placed incorrectly. A GridView is a type of AdapterView that displays items in a two-dimensional scrolling grid. The center of an even-sized grid is on the edge between two cells, but you can't. When you configure the Power Apps grid control for an entity, all views for that entity will display using that grid. Tutorial:Combinator tutorial. Pick up a deconstruction planner in the cursor, hold the keyboard binding, and drag the blue selection rectangle over the entities to be unmarked. Find blueprints for Factorio with advanced search. 18: Increased the crafting cost of the cargo wagon and locomotive. grid { display: grid; grid-template-columns: 1fr 1fr. Pick a tool on the left hand side in the menu: Tile : Arrange copies of the blueprint in a grid. It's a great solution for middle- to end-game power generation and it works well in combination with other power generation techniques. This is the place to share custom user maps, scenarios, and campaigns. Factorissimo creates a lot of surfaces. When they do, This guide is compatible with Factorio 0. Setting GridLines renders the table with the rules attribute, which is the old way of doing things and no longer supported. During daylight hours every panel provides the maximum power level, 60kW. Set in a procedurally generated cave with a. 3 With better looking tiles, transitions from one terrain to another, and variations of tiles, terrain looks much better. They can be cleared by right-clicking them. When scaling a layout for different screen sizes or orientations, the responsive grid adjusts margin and body widths as well as the number of columns in the layout. Grids help to position elements …. 70] Blueprints display incorrect grid. Generated power will increase/decrease linearly during dusk and dawn, and no power is produced at night. Grid on map view : r/factorio. 22 Category: Helper Tags: grid Download-Url:. The vessels automatically connect to each other if their inputs/outputs are adjacent (pipes connect to all directions) and allow fluids to flow between them. Parameters: visible bool or None, optional. Choose the white color from the list to remove gridlines. Dedicated Server Guide on Windows. Most buildings require electricity, or power, to function. You could try to get distance plus mod and exchange belts for underground ones. This grid is based off your 0,0 starting point. Handy for changing the direction of underground belts. Shipping hot steam via fluid wagons to local "backup generators" that can help adjust for grid fluctuations. Am I crazy or did there used to be a hotkey. You're not wrong, but OP just accidentally paused the game. [5] The expected release date is around August 2024. The console display can be toggled with the / (slash) or ~ (tilde) keys. #1 ctrl left click requester chest (grab stuff) #2 left click vehicle on quick bar. Selected your desired delivery items. The basic idea is a series of grids that are 48x48 tiles with a 2 tile 'walkway' in between. It probably found it automatically, but you can add it manually if it didn't. Up to the first four filters will be shown. A feature-rich factory production calculator for Factorio and other Don't show this …. I made a 4lane set before tho, if you want it. Step 1: Forget rail signals exist. The GUI should show this command if the proceduce has been done correctly. The number of blocks is different, but the proportion of space filled is the same. How to Make a Grid in Word. The main map will show it even if forests are covering it. voltage tiers, amperage tiers, step up/down transformers, breakers, voltage drop What ? One aspect of the game i really love to see worked and refined is the power grid. What? Make the black tile grid shown in pause mode or via debug view show between terrain and buildings instead of above everything. Electricity is one of two ways machines can be powered, the other. An example of a power system is the electrical grid that provides power to homes and industries within an extended area. r/factorio on Reddit: How can I make Power armor grid take more …. Download Information Downloads Discussion Factorio version: 0. Chunk Aligned RHD Rail Network : r/factorio. Autodrive was originally made by dorfl, who later transferred ownership of the mod to me. Because of this, big electric poles are ideal for long-distance power lines, as they require the smallest number of entities to be placed to span …. This category is also the right place for tools useful for modders. And with CSS Grid, it's even easier to use. Constant combinator can be rotated. The first one will display the current coordinates of the character on screen, the second one will teleport you to the given location. You can customize the keys via Settings menu → Controls → Toggle chat (and Lua console). 22 Zero-Maintenance Uranium Processing Plant. A grid that is built around the actual baseline that text sits on. how to make objects display whats inside them? : r/factorio. La compaginación en cuadrícula con CSS es un método de diseño de páginas web en dos dimensiones. " Click the "View" tab on the Paint ribbon. The Electric system is used to power a lot of different machines; the game can hardly be played without using electricity. Though some tasks may seem daunting to the player, there is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a sprawling factory …. Toggeling F5 will then show/hide the grid, with the thicker lines being the chunks and thinner lines being the tiles. I'd like to draw your attention to the things that FactorioBin can automatically display about my blueprint: The name, description, and icons match the ones I chose in the in-game blueprint editor. The battery is an intermediate product used in several key recipes, including the utility science pack which is required for late-game research, and the flying robot frame, which …. If connected to a circuit network, an accumulator will output its level of charge, as an integer from 0 to 100, to a specified signal. to stop time or pause the game in Factorio. To create blueprints in Factorio, you must first switch the game to Blueprint mode (ALT+B). Quick question: display elapsed game time. Blueprints are items that contain building layouts. So, as a side effect of announcing the expansion, the devs also restarted the weekly FFF dev blog. However, I think it would be really helpful if there was a corresponding option for showing only the chunk-grid. By default, a Grid contains one row and one column. Make spidertron power its equipment grid. The grid size and offset will be set on the blueprint. Using grids to define the borders of cells in tables makes the document more readable. I was inspired by "ant farm" (do a quck search) and have. Another attempt to bring electric traction to the game. Shift + Left click in the bluprint's preview will move/create a red flag. The grid always pops up when you pause, AFAIK. This is a complete listing of all the vanilla prototype's internal names under their prototype types. There is also a mod that can show grid lines. Rail Segments (100x100 blocks) Grid aligned 100x100 city block (Nilaus style) with double rails in both directions. (I also highly recommend Show_Fluid_Box_Fluid_Info, doesn't look the best but really helps show where your fluids are and how they are moving. For a full serialization of Factorio's data. Collisions and navigation can also be added to the meshes, just like you would do with. flex-grid-thirds { display: flex; justify-content: space-between; }. Peaceful mode will make it so enemies will not attack you …. First, open an existing Photoshop file or create a new document. Unlike other forms of power generation, it is load-independent – each fuel cell will always be used completely in 200 seconds, regardless of load or the temperature of the reactor. In the thread, the latch is described as an SR latch. Re: Quick question: display elapsed game time. Tutorial:Quick start guide. Hex grid, 4 lanes, lit, 12. Then you can press f5 to see grid without pausing. Below I have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help give the player an edge in their game. Grid Overlay :: Factorio Bugs & Technical Help. Factorioのグリッド型では1つのグリッドを単機能にするため、グリッドにグリッドの中に素材を入れる部分とグリッドに外に出す部分が作られます。 この搬出搬入部分の形を紹介します。 グリッドの形 グリッド1つの形は96マスの正方形の以下としていて、搬出口を1つ、搬入口3つをつけて以下の. It can be driven manually or remotely controlled using the spidertron remote. Easy explanation of grid alignment? : r/factorio. 84 (21:25) accumulators per solar panel, and 23. Add grids for trains, wagon, tank and car! This mod ONLY adds for trains, wagons, tanks and cars. The Grid and Guides dialog box appears. The features shown in this overview will then be explained …. Minimum manually operated railway. Depending on your installation method and OS, you will have one or two directories that contain Factorio assets, and one that contains user data, such as saves and mods. Screen freezes and displays a grid on the map :: Factorio New …. Te permite distribuir el contenido en filas y columnas, y tiene muchas características que facilitan la creación de diseños complejos. Using grid you specify one axis using grid-template-rows or grid-template-columns, you then specify how content should auto-repeat in the other axis using the implicit grid properties. 22] Custom Grid Emitter v1. Sudoku is a popular puzzle game that has been around for decades. Adds a host of useful shortcuts to improve QOL. This includes: cars, tanks, walls, gates, enemy structures, and turrets. What are performance numbers in Debug Mode show. Scales pollution in the map view based on the amount of pollution in the most-polluted chunk. Split : Split a large blueprint into tiles to make it easier to place in game. So a 32x24 absolute grid-aligned blueprint can be placed with the center at 0,0, 32,0, 0,-24, and so on. Grids, logical values, and writing modes. Factorio General ">how do you check your power consumption? :: Factorio General. Roboport Landfill Grid (tileable). Advertisement It is the largest machine in the world -- an electric behemoth built on a skeleton of early 20th century engineering. Works on pumps, inserters, belts, buildings. To view the area names, select the Show area names checkbox. NET MAUI) Grid, is a layout that organizes its children into rows and columns, which can have proportional or absolute sizes. It can be smelted into iron plates in a furnace, and is also a component in concrete. Only solar power grid possible? : r/factorio. CSS Grid Layout implements the specification Box Alignment Level 3 which is the same standard flexbox uses for aligning items in its flex container. But it's not too complicated to adapt the code for more than one evolution factor or whatever. You could use the same system for filtering the hotbar, middle click, then specify what item goes into the slot. I use multiples of a chunk (32x32) for sizing since it's easy to display the grid and it helps to ensure radar coverage. These explosives can only be used on cliffs, as they can't be used at all when clicking on anything else. Click here to jump to that post. " This means you will need seven parallel. grid { display: grid; grid-template-columns: auto auto; } Yes, that’s all it takes in modern HTML CSS to create a simple grid. Gridlines are the faint lines that appear around cells to distinguish them on the worksheet. Bigger Power Armor grid without adding extra entities or recipes. The nuclear reactor generates heat by burning uranium fuel cells. When I started Factorio, I created night-vision goggles early-on, but I couldn't figure out where to put them to make them work. How to Make National Grid Electric Bill Pay Easier. It emits an area of 50×50 tiles, in which logistic robots can interact with logistic network entities, such as storage chests, or requester chests. When you pause the game (Shift + Space) or have the grid showing (Debug mode F4) the chunks are the areas defined by the thicker lines. Track your frame rates as you play. On the Design tab, in the Chart Layouts group, click Add Chart Element, point to Gridlines, and then click the gridline option you want to hide. Useful for radar, pollution, artillery fire, UPS, …. Train Grid Size : r/factorio. Absolute grid alignment is based on offsets from 0,0. When I try to place my blueprint, it always jumps "2 grid blocks", so i cannot align it. In addition, while holding a blueprint with absolute alignment you can use Shift + WASD to move the absolute offset. Steam Community :: :: Factorio. This is also a downside as there are more belts …. A huge thanks to to all the contributors on GitHub, as well as the community who made the previous cheat sheets and other resources; such as the Wiki, Reddit, and Factorio Discord from which this is …. It is visible from all parts of the world, making it a useful landmark for navigation. grid are grid items, so they’ll be sized without explicitly adding a. We haven't done any engine production stuff yet but we have done a circuit build and a lot with smelting. There is an infinite storage and a hydrogen gen room at the bottom rhs. It has a 178x100 display, and 34MB of memory. and the achievement has a little button to fix it at the screen. For power generation, you unlock the portable solar panels through research (red and green science). The radar reveals the map for the force it belongs to. 0 Single Fluid, Multi Pipe (Cybersyn) 0 krastorio 2 Biomethanol power. This scenario creates a grid (96x96) based map with voids trenches and bridges to each other. To Display a Grid and Set the Grid Spacing. When I right click on the armour, it doesn't come up either. After some testing if you press the debug button (F4) there is an option to show the tile grid while having the ability to move and place objects Reply More posts you may like. This mod adds a visual indication to the world to help place radars on a neat grid. ListView and GridView both derive from the ListViewBase class, so they have the same functionality but display data differently. Grid is a layout panel that supports arranging child elements in rows and columns. IMPORTANT: Save using the 'configuration editor' to put back in default values, use 'Text editor' if you wish to change values. I have used this where I will put down a bluprint, have only the poles in my inventory, step from one side slowly letting bots place poles, then. You may find an essay on the subject, which outlines the techniques used in this calculator, here. Premium Powerups Since expanding the grid capacity of a suit of armour is not possible the next best thing is to expand the number of suits and specialise them. A logistic network is a series of different logistics chests and logistic robots all covered by one or more connected roboports. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. 50 tips and tricks for factorio in one quick video. The concrete squares are helpful when getting started with the. the grid will be schow if the game is paused, you can toggle the pause with shift+space and you can desavle the grid completet in the options under interface. Compare your PC to the system requirements of the games that everyone's playing. How do you setup a truly sandbox game? : r/factorio. F4 doesn't seem to bring up anything. The exception is the center 'main bus' which is 58 high x 48 wide and has two roboports. The volume of fluid contained in a fluid box is a value between 0 and the. How to Use CSS Grid Layout – Grid Properties …. For Windows: C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\mods\ For Linux: ~/. 0: Cargo wagon can have filters in the inventory. show grid on the map? : r/factorio. Which i think could be improved by.